Limited Stay Permit Visa in Bali

The limited stay permit (KITAS/ ITAS) is the bes option to the foreigners who want to stay in Bali for along time. Those limited stay permit has validity periode up to 2 years and depend on the type about stay permitĀ  that used. You may consult about Visa Indonesia that must be used to stay for a number of years in Bali.

Several Types of Limited Stay Permit Visa in Bali

In addition, with the limited stay permit you obtain a multiple re-entry permit. Its allows them to visit out and in Indonesia without impacting validity of those limited stay permit. Here some type of stay permit that should you know.

1. Working Stay Permit

Its allow foreigners to stay and work in Indonesia, also Bali. They obtains both a stay permit and a work permit from immigrationas. The foreigners who are still working in Indonesian company usually apply for working stay permit.

2. Investor Stay Permit

Its applies to tourist who own shares in Indonesia limited liability company. Investor permit has some advantages like saves them for processing fees.

3. Family Stay Permit

It is requires an Indonesian spouse become sponsor of foreigner. The tourist who using this stay permit type can reside long term in Bali, but they cannot work. The foreigner requires work permit in order to be able have working from the company they works for.

4. Retirement Stay Permit

It is available for foreigners who reached 55 years old. Those permit is sponsored by company that accredited from directorate general of the immigration. This retirement stay permit not allow foreigners to working in Indonesia. Its just allow them to stay and enjoy their retirement in Indonesia.

Those are the several types of limited stay permit that may help you when you wish to stay longer in Bali. Please access E-Visa Bali to know more information about Bali visa and you may also consult about how to have enjoy travel ini Bali.